Eclipse Flashlight Holder

The Eclipse Flashlight Holder is a convenient, fast, and simple way to secure a flashlight to the mainframe of most patient transport equipment. Use it as an extra set of hands to illuminate the patient, assisting you in their immediate care needs, or illuminate your path for a safer transport.


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  • Made from durable plastic and elasticized bands



  • Quickly and Easily Secures Anywhere (I.E. I.V. Pole, Mainframe, Sidearm, Etc.) On The Bed Frame of an Ambulance Cot, Stair Chair, or Rescue Basket.
  • Securely Hold Your Flashlight Freeing Hands To Safely Transport Patient
  • Easily Removed From Cot To Use Your Flashlight On Scene
  • Small Size Won't Interfere With Cot Operation And Can Be Left On The Cot Or Easily Stowed
  • Endless Possibilities Of Where It Can Be Attached Or On What Equipment Including Outdoor Rescues In Any Terrain

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