Ferno Vacuum Splints

Ferno Vacuum Splints are fast, effective, and versatile, and provide the best possible support with the least amount of effort. They are made with durable, vinyl-coated nylon that is supple enough to be molded around an injured extremity, yet tough enough to withstand repeated daily use. Easy to clean and maintain.


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  • Hook-and-loop adjustable straps hold the splint securely in place
  • Constructed of durable vinyl-coated nylon that can be molded around an injured extremity


  • Ideal for dislocated shoulders, suspected fractures of arms, legs, and joints or infant immobilization
  • Splints also available individually
  • No pressure is applied to the injured area when the splint is completely evacuated.
  • Total immobilization without excessive pressure ensures maximum circulation to the extremity.

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