Ferno Injury Free

EMS Safety Training from the Medic's Perspective
Your body is the most important tool you have as an emergency responder, and INJURY FREE shows you how to use it the right way. This program provides training on nutrition, exercise, management of stress and fatigue, ergonomics, and injury prevention, all from an EMS perspective. We also teach you the right way to move patients and equipment and how to exercise and stay fit. Navigate Injury Free videos on the right, or visit our FernoEMS YouTube page.

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INJURY FREE has been developed in partnership with the Fit Responder to provide you with an innovative approach to patient handling education and safety. The Fit Responder brings together the experience and training of street level medics and physical therapists to provide targeted training that fits into the daily demands of EMS shift work. Learn more at www.FitResponder.com.


Injury Free has been designed for easy integration into agency training programs and program videos are available on our YouTube channel for easy playback in a classroom setting.

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