Let’s Keep it Clean


Clean equipment is essential for good patient care.


Dirty equipment increases the chance of transmitting disease-carrying germs to the patient and to those operating the equipment. Additionally, dirty equipment reduces its ability to function properly.


Routine cleaning is an easy task.


First, you’ll want to disinfect the equipment and its components. Using an approved disinfectant, apply it and let it set for the specified times. (Avoid use of bleach and phonolic-based disinfectants, as these may lead to corrosion and gummy build up). Once the appropriate time has elapsed, the disinfectant can be rinsed away using warm water.


For general cleaning, using a mild detergent and warm water to wash away the dirt is usually quite effective. Avoid harsh chemicals that may damage material or dull the finish.


Mattresses can be wiped down using the mild detergent and water. While washing, this is a good time to look for tears and other damage.


Restraints can be washed, using the same mild detergent and water. Avoid submerging the buckle components, as this could lead to corrosion. Restraints can be hung to dry.


Once cleaned, dry the equipment with a soft cloth. Pay particular attention to areas that move, swivel and slide.  


Clean equipment will look and perform better, and will project a positive image to your customers. 


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