Meet our Adventurous Electrical Engineer, Preeti Sar


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This month we put the spotlight on Preeti Sar, who joined the Ferno engineering team last September.


Q: Why did you choose to go into engineering?

A: I have always loved science and math as a child. My parents have instilled a love for scientific education and learning in me, and always encouraged me to study further. So engineering was a natural choice after graduating from high school.


Q: Is there a specific reason you chose to study control systems and robotics?

A: After taking many different courses in my undergrad, I found control systems to be the most interesting as a lot of linear algebra that I learnt in my math classes could be applied here.  In robotics, it was fun to program and play with cool robots and again, I could apply a lot of the math, programming, and control theory in robotics too.


Q; Why did you choose The Ohio State University?

A: There were many courses and research opportunities offered in my area of interest in Ohio State. Plus there is so much diversity in the student population, and one gets to meet and interact with students from so many different countries and join different student organizations.  Also, I liked how I could take courses from many different departments apart from my majors, like music, dance, skydiving.


Q: Really? Skydiving?

A: Yes, I enrolled for a skydiving course in my last semester at Ohio State. This had always been in my to-do list. The physical education department at Ohio State offered this course and provided training for an accelerated free fall jump, wherein the instructors hold on to you during the 60 seconds of free fall and then leave once the parachute is deployed. It gave me a totally new and amazing adventurous experience. 


Q: What do you like best about your job at Ferno?

A: I like all the hands-on things that I get to do. As a fresh graduate, it is nice to finally apply all the classroom knowledge at the workplace and get my hands dirty. It is also nice how my work is not restricted to one fixed domain and that I get to learn and try out new things from other areas. I am also very fortunate to have colleagues who are always willing to help me out and are ever-so-patient with my many questions!


 Q: Rumor has it you’re a good cook. What are some of your favorite foods?

A: Since I am a vegetarian, there are not as many options for me at restaurants. So after I came to USA, I had to cook most of the time and soon it became a hobby to try out different dishes every now and then, which further improved my cooking skills. I like Indian, Mexican, Chinese, and Italian cuisine.


Q: How else do you enjoy spending your free time?

A: I like to spend my free time in reading books, cooking, biking, exploring new places or any outdoor adventurous activity.


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Preeti Sar loves to travel, cook, and participate in adventurous activities outdoors – including skydiving! She graduated from The Ohio State University with a Dual Master of Science Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering & Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, in the areas of control systems and robotics.