The iNTRAXX Integrated Vehicle Component System secures loose equipment inside the ambulance and allows medics to deliver patient care from a seated, restrained position. This reduces the risk of death and injury during crashes, sudden stops, or hard maneuvers. The modular system features wall-mounted tracks that secure a series of SafeMount Equipment Mounts, SafeCab Storage Cabinets, and SafePak Supply Bags. iNTRAXX modularity supports better workflows and inventory management, which lowers operating costs.


iNTRAXX Tracks are the foundation of the iNTRAXX System and provide an SAE-compliant platform for easy customization of your vehicle. Different styles of tracks can be installed into walls, ceilings, and bench-top surfaces.
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iNTRAXX Mounts are designed to safely secure a variety of loose EMS equipment and supplies. The mounts feature a quick-release design that allows caregivers to easily move equipment and adapt the environment inside an ambulance on the fly.
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From the innovative SafePak System to plug-and-play pouches to SafeCab Cabinets—this comprehensive product line is built with medics in mind. iNTRAXX storage solutions promote better workflows and inventory management.
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 FERNO offers a variety of crash-tested iNTRAXX accessories. With iNTRAXX, medics can customize their vehicle based on equipment and configuration needs.
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  • Easy Access: The modular design puts all of your supplies directly next to you in the delivery-of-care position, eliminating any need for you to get up to reach them when your ambulance is in motion.
  • Provider-Specific Configuration: Quickly reposition your EMS equipment and supplies exactly where and how you need them.
  • Interoperability: EMT supplies and ambulance equipment are interchangeable across multiple vehicles and vehicle types.
  • Mission-Specific Customization: Your equipment and supplies can be removed or repositioned to seamlessly adapt a vehicle to different response scenarios.
  • Expandable System: All components work together, so they can be added, subtracted, or interchanged as your needs change.


  • Faster Turn Time: SafePaks and pouches are simple for you to remove and clean, making restocking efficient and easy.
  • Reduced Downtime: Damaged or out-of-service components can be quickly removed and replaced without taking your vehicle out of service or rotation.


  • Improved Inventory Control: With better visibility of all supplies, your inventory control is quick and accurate, which reduces duplication, waste, and past-expiration items.


  • Cleaning and Decontamination: You can easily detach and pressure wash all the components for thorough, trouble-free cleaning.
  • Containment: Individual pouches isolate or eliminate potential contamination to specific areas, limiting the exposure of expensive supplies. 


  • Minimal Space Requirements: With less space required to store all of your EMS equipment, you gain the flexibility to use smaller, less expensive vehicles.
  • Increased Utilization: Faster turn times mean your vehicle is more readily available for revenue-generating activity.
  • Modularity: iNTRAXX promotes better workflows and inventory management, which lowers your overall operating expenses and cost of ownership.

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